Borrowed Time – monologue

This is a monologue I wrote as part of my acting training at GSA. ROBERT Hi, Dad… Do you know me today? No! Don’t worry if you don’t. I’m not gonna keep you long, Dad; I just wanted to say:… I love you, Dad. I do. And I know you won’t understand…can’t understand. You alwaysContinue reading “Borrowed Time – monologue”

A Good Person

A short scene I co-wrote with fellow actor Benedict Kennedy. If you would like to watch the scene, you can find it here. EXT. day. A bench by a lake. HARVEY sat wearing disheveled, somewhat formal attire. JAMES enters in formal attire. HARVEY stands and they shake hands. Both sit down. JAMES First of allContinue reading “A Good Person”

House Opens at 19:00

I wrote this poem in response to the imminent return of live-theatre productions after months of closed doors. Shut doors. Shuttered windows. A crimson glow clings like my dreams To the walls of my second homes – A new red-light district in London: The West-end with a broken heart. The Globe, The Almeida, The RoyalContinue reading “House Opens at 19:00”