Dyssomnia is a short film I made for the final project of my degree at GSA. The project brief challenged me to produce a short film solo – I had to write it, perform it, edit it – the works.

The film is a brief delve into the mind of someone suffering from severe sleep deprivation, with a hint of supernatural thriller thrown in the mix.

The opening scene – a time lapse of the main character, Tristram, attempting to sleep, is over a piano score I wrote myself. The score becomes more and more riddled with (deliberate) mistakes, to reflect Tristram’s mind becoming more and more affected by sleeplessness.

If you enjoy the opening and want to watch the whole thing, you can find it here on my YouTube channel

The opening scene of my short film, Dyssomnia

One thought on “Dyssomnia

  1. Loved this! It captures just how I feel on those nights that drag on forever and tiredness itself seems to stop you sleeping. The music is really evocative too. Enjoyed it so much I watched the entire short film – recommended!


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