Borrowed Time – monologue

This is a monologue I wrote as part of my acting training at GSA.


Hi, Dad… Do you know me today? No! Don’t worry if you don’t. I’m not gonna keep you long, Dad; I just wanted to say:… I love you, Dad. I do. And I know you won’t understand…can’t understand. You always said I was your Hero – Dad – that I’d do  such amazing things. Then you…

Long pause.

It’s in my brain, Dad. They missed it before… Dad, I’ll be gone before you… Nothing special in my life, none of the big adventures you said I’d have… They won’t even let me out and have one last hurrah… I am stuck, I am stuck, Dad. Here, in this room like a fucking memorial to myself. Do you remember when we were little and Aaron or I had had a shitty week and you’d just pack the car up and go off down to Swanage and stay in a caravan for the weekend? I want to do that one more time. Would you like that, Dad?


Please, Dad, if any part of you can hear me, just say something.

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